Sheet Metal Fabrication of Steel Coupling Guard for the Pump/Fluid Handling Industry

By combining our advanced laser cutting, press brake, and TIG welding technology, Manufacturing Designs of Virginia was able to successfully fabricate two coupling guards used within a pump/fluid handling system, while meeting a ±.010 of an inch precision tolerance. We first laser cut all components to shape from 14 gauge HRP&O steel sheet metal. We additionally cut logos into this sheet metal. We then TIG welded all components together and provided two 90° bends at the base of each unit for product stability.

Once the units were successfully built to print, we then deburred the coupling guards until they possessed a smooth, 1.5-millimeter finish. We finally applied a safety yellow powder coating to each product. Once completed, the coupling guards measured precisely 6.5 inches long and high, and 4 inches wide. The parts additionally weighed 2.32 pounds.

Manufacturing Designs of VA performed a variety of in-process inspections in order to ensure the high-quality of our products. First, we checked all measurements in flats. We then inspected the first bent unit and the first welded unit of each coupling guard. We also completed a final, comprehensive examination of the products before shipping the finished units to our buyer’s facility. Fulfilling all customer product requirements, the coupling guards met with high client satisfaction.

Steel Coupling Guard Specifications

Product Description

This fabricated Coupling Guard is used within a Pump / Fluid Handling System

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Laser Cutting

  • Laser Cut Components to Shape from Sheet Metal
  • Laser Cut Logo into Sheet Metal


  • 90° x2


  • MIG


  • Time Saver
  • Grinding to Finish

Powder Coating

  • Powder Coat Safety Yellow
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Press Brake
TIG Welder

Overall Part Dimensions

Material Thickness: 14 Gage

Length: 6.50″
Width: 4.00″
Height: 6.50″

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

HRP&O Steel

Max Material Finish


In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

Check Measurements in Flats
Check First Bent Unit
Check First Welded Unit
Final Before Shipping

Estimated Part Weight

2.32 lbs

Industry for Use

Pump / Fluid Handling Systems



Standards Met

Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

Product Name

Coupling Guard

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